Apr 2017 25

Welcome To The New Website!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new website! Our PromoteSigns.com website has recently gone through a redesign and is now up and running! What users will notice about the website is the new and improved accessibility. There is some easy to use icons that when selected will bring users to pages on easy pricing, a …

Mar 2015 11

Sign History: Neon

They welcome us to eat,  let us know if there is any room in the inn and inform us whether the business we’re driving past is open or not. Neon signs have become staples of American metropolitan signage. Neon’s day to day uses are overshadowed only by their presence as advertising icons. Whether it’s Vegas …

Jan 2015 9

The 6 Funniest Restaurant Signs

The restaurant business is the most competitive and saturated industry in the world. Not to mention, one where customers expect clear and readily-available communication about price, ingredients and health practices. So what happens when a few restaurants get creative, funny or have a moment of carelessness with their communication? Glad you asked! Here are the …

Oct 2014 6

Signs of the Times : How Signage Shaped America

A great swedish poet once wrote the line “I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes.” Going beyond the ideas of symbolism and metaphor, perhaps there is no greater communicator than a sign. Signs tell us solid human ideas in a staid way. A “Tavern” sign recovered from the Middle Ages will have …

Jul 2014 30

7 Signs Fails

We’ve all seen them. Signs you drive by that make you laugh. From poor sign placement, bad spelling, and just plain odd – this list is sure to make you chuckle! Here’s our roundup of the 7 best sign fails!   1. Drive Thru Lawyer Source: Flickr Drive Thru Lawyer! That’s speedy service. Do they …

May 2014 10

100 Great Graphic Design Resources on Twitter

Graphic design is crucial for any business. Good design will lure customers or clientele on a primal and unconscious level. Likewise, bad design will repulse potential customers against your brand before they have a chance to experience your product or service. But where to start? Just because most people can recognize the visceral reactions evoked …

Apr 2014 14

The 25 Most Inspiring Custom Designed Logos

Famous playwright George Bernard Shaw once said “Life is not about finding yourself; Life is about creating yourself.” The same can be said for your business! Unfortunately, creating the brand we want to associate with our business can be one of the hardest tasks of starting up. Some businesses go many years without having a …

Apr 2014 2

Maximize Your Next Direct Marketing Campaign Using Signs

Direct marketing is putting information right in the hands of your customers. It’s not about just placing product information in their hands, it’s about brand awareness. A great way to maximize your next direct marketing campaign is to use yard signs.