Delaware is home to many different types of people and many different types of weather. Anything can happen in Delaware. That’s why it’s important to have lawn signs that can stand up to that statement! Here at Promote Signs, we recommend corrugated lawn signs for all your business needs! Here are a few reasons why corrugated lawn signs are perfect for your Delaware business.

Durable – Corrugated lawn signs are resistant to any weather that Delaware can throw at them and can withstand a good bit of wind too.

Recyclable – Corrugated lawn signs are made out of polypropylene, which usually isn’t part of curbside recycling, but can be recycled into useful plastic appliances like rakes or shovels.

Easy to clean – Since these signs are made of plastic, they are very low maintenance. Wiping down with common soap and water should do the trick and they’ll look good as new.

Lightweight – This type of sign is lightweight with no sacrifice to durability. They are impact resistant and are perfect for the business that wants to keep moving their business sign to promote their business in as many places as they can.

Promote Signs offer a large variety of yard signs to fit all of your Delaware yard sign needs. We offer a huge selection of customization options so that you can get the perfect sign for you. Corrugated yard signs should be at the top of the list for any Delaware Business. Call Promote Signs and get your corrugated yard sign customized today! carries all three of these types of custom signs. We custom design and print the signs that fit your business’s needs in Delaware. To speak with our sales department to get a quote, call 888-864-4114 or email