Promotional signs have proven themselves as an effective way for businesses to promote projects and organizations to promote events and can give you tips for design layout.
While not all custom signs are effective, some could just as well have spared the sponsor his/her money and company’s or committee’s time. Though designing an effective sign is not rocket science, failure to pay attention to some basics could lack your desired results.
With over 65 years of screen printing has given Promote Signs a wealth of experience in designing and printing promotional signs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you embark on this process:
22 X 28 Fold-Over Event Sign design layout
Consider ‘The Who’ (your company/organization) and ‘The What’ (a type of business or event). For events (shows, suppers, fairs, etc.), ‘The Where’ and ‘The When’ are important factors to think about. For businesses, a telephone number or domain name are details to think about when seeking potential business in the future.
‘The Who’ – Determine the length of your organization name. VFW and League of Women Voters each present different sign considerations. Suppliers of the fold-over sign can accommodate both – a PORTRAIT Layout (22″ wide x 14″ tall) for short names, and a LANDSCAPE Layout (28″ wide x 11″ tall) for long names. Both orientations present the same print area at no penalty in cost.
‘The What’ – The company business or organizational event you intend to promote is important. For effective branding, a reproduction of your logo is effective. Font size for the business or event should appear prominent.
‘The Where’ – For promoting an event, remember to include the event location. Denote specific addresses for larger metropolitan areas – this is as essential as the name of the event. For small towns, stating the address may prove as less important.
‘The When’ – Everybody on the committee knows when the event is held, but what about the prospective attendees? Make sure the date and time of day are noted on the sign.
Today, you do not need your sign printer physically next door. They are as close to you as your mobile devices. With computer technology, effective designs are affordable and convenient. Try on styles that suit the image of who you are – then go for it!