Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest-quality products and service in the sign
printing industry. Delivering honest, quick, expert advice and customer service is our promise to

Our Beginnings

Cross & Oberlie was initially established by William Cross and Bert Oberlie in early 1955 as the
first screen printer in the Fox River Valley, Wisconsin. The business was moved to its present
location in the early 1960’s – where it continued to primarily contract with regional manufacturers
printing flat stocks and garments of any and all types. Cross & Oberlie was one of the first
printers in the nation to screen print logos on golf towels.

Three investors – Gary Bezella, Douglas Stern and Gerald Rammer- bought the business in
February 1985. The building was established as a partnership and the business as an “arms- length” operating division of Aquecs, Inc., which produced Elf Help, a unique water-based craft
adhesive. Gary soon took over as General Manager, beginning a 35-year career at C&O with his
son, Steve Bezella, coming on board in 1986.

Where We Are Now

Soon after purchasing Cross & Oberlie, screen printing golf towels began to go out of
fashion with the emergence of darker colored towels and sophistication of embroidery.
Rather than “throwing in the towel”, Gary took the company in a new direction, from glue
production and apparel screen printing to a nationwide industry-leader in the production
of political campaign lawn signage and marketing solutions for businesses of every size.

As a family-owned and operated American manufacturer of promotional products, we
offer the broadest lines of screen and digitally printed products in the industry, including
signage, decals, and promotional items. In 1998, we launched Political Lawn Signs.com,
specializing in political campaign signs and accessories. Our other website,  PromoteSigns.com, was born in 2006 to focus on promotional print products and services. With
consistently high-quality products and customer service, and our ever-growing
experience printing hundreds of thousands of signs every year, our customers know
they can return to us year-after-year for their campaign lawn signs and promotional
printing services.

After 35 years as president of Cross & Oberlie, Gary retired in 2019, although he
remains committed to the success of the company. He routinely comes into the office or
production facilities to consult and fill in on the floor as needed, because our continued
success is just as important to him today as it was over three decades ago.

Where We’re Going

Cross & Oberlie works continuously to bring more products and services to our customers, with
our sights set on becoming a complete supplier and one-stop-shop for political candidates and
business marketing. How can we help your business grow or candidacy succeed? We invite you
to contact us with any questions or suggestions and get to know our stellar sales staff.