Political Lawn Signs | Why lawn signs are important for a campaign

Political lawn signs continue to be an effective marketing tool for campaigns because they can be placed almost anywhere.  Even businesses have started showing their support for their favorite candidate with lawn signs around their business! During the 2016 and 2021 elections, supporters were requesting multiple lawn signs to show their level of support increasing […]

Should your business be investing in custom yard signs?

You might be on the fence about investing in custom yard signs for your business. You might be thinking, “would yard signs really help with my marketing?” or “do people really stop and look at a yard sign?”. The answer to these questions is YES! EVERY business can benefit from a custom yard sign. From a […]

5 Essential Sign Uses for Your Small Business

Looking for a way to boost your marketing (and profits) without breaking the bank? Lawn signs and banners have been used to advertise small and large businesses alike for over 200 years in the US. Outdoor advertising may be old-fashioned, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to attract customers for pennies on […]

Political Lawn Signs: Campaign Tips

Politics is stressful for most people which makes running a political campaign for the first time a 24/7 rollercoaster of stress!  The Politcal Lawn Signs team is here to help with 3 simple tips to help you navigate your way through the social events, planning, fundraising, and other political campaign stressors. Become familiar with campaign […]

Types of yard signs your business needs

Many businesses can benefit from yard signs. Any business that is looking to increase the reach of its brand can benefit from custom yard signs.  Yard signs are a strong form of traditional marketing that still remains extremely effective to this day.  You might already know that yard signs are effective, but did you know […]

Digital Signs versus Custom Yard Signs

Marketing is constantly changing especially as digital marketing has started to take over “traditional marketing”.  But what is a cheap way to communicate your business’s messages while your customers are in the car driving around a neighborhood or to a local store?  How do you communicate with your customers’ neighbors?  The answer is simple, custom […]

Why Do We Recommend Grommets in Your Large Signs?

We always offer grommet placement on our larger corrugated signs during the ordering process, and often we’re asked to explain what they are or what their function is. As an add-on option, these inexpensive signage accessories can be attached to any size sign for display inside or out. But what are they? Read on to […]

Own a Trade Business? You Need to Read These Tips.

There are countless listing sites online and it’s important that your verified or claimed business listing appears there. Consumers look to sites like these to ensure your trade industry business is legitimate and currently in business. Top listing sites include Google, Bing, and Yelp, but it’s worth the time to get your business on every […]