100 Great Graphic Design Resources on Twitter

Graphic design is crucial for any business. Good design will lure customers or clientele on a primal and unconscious level. Likewise, bad design will repulse potential customers against your brand before they have a chance to experience your product or service.

But where to start? Just because most people can recognize the visceral reactions evoked by good design does not mean that they are able to naturally create it. It can be daunting and discouraging to try to create positive and communicative aesthetics for your business.

Twitter is the answer! Above is a gallery (with full list below) of 100 graphic designers, illustrators, artists, creative directors and galleries that will provide mountains of inspiration for anybody looking to create good, attractive design.

By no means is this list exhaustive. If you don’t see your favorite designer, let us know and we’ll make sure that they are considered for a future installment.

100 Top Graphic Designers on Twitter

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Christoph Niemann @abstractsunday
Antonio Carusone @AisleOne
Adrian Shaughnessy @AJWShaughnessy
Matthew Anderson @Ampersanderson
Andrew Kelsall @AndrewKelsall
Anthony Calixto @anthonycalixto
April Scarduzio @aprilscarduzio
Astrid Stavro @AstridStavro
Aviva Michaelov @avivamichaelov
Marian Bantjes @bantjes
Ben Higgins @benjamitus
Brian Collins @BrianCollins1
Carin Goldberg @CarinGoldberg
Charlotte Mary Rose @CharleyMaryRose
Crap Is Good @crapisgood
Creative Review @CreativeReview
Chris Silas Neal @csneal
Christian Woltman @cwoltman
Dana Tanamachi @dana_tanamachi
Design Milk @designmilk
Design Related @designrelated
Grant Gold @dlogtnarg
Ed Nacional @ednacional
Erik Carter @erikinternet
Erik T Johnson @eriktjohnsonus
Sophia Chang @esymai
Frank Chimero @fchimero
Nicholas Felton @feltron
Gavin Potenza @GavinPotenza
Glendalys Medina @GlendalysMedina
Max Holyoke-Hirsch @holyokehirsch
Scott Hansen @ISO50
It’s Nice That @itsnicethat
Jason Santa Maria @jasonsantamaria
Jeff Close @Jeff_Close
Jennifer Daniel @JenniferDaniel
Jessica Walsh @JessicaWalsh
Jody Barton @Jody_Barton
Jonathan McConnell @JonMcCon
Joon Mo Kang @JoonMoKang
Josh Smith @joshsmithnyc
Kate Moross @katemoross
Kim Bost @kimbost
Kyle Legg @kleggy
Leftloft @leftloft
Liam Devowski @LiamDevowski
Lindsay Ballant @LindsayBallant
Liz Meyer @liz__meyer
Lotta Nieminen @lottanieminen
Louise Fili @louisefili
Leah Horowitz @lthorowitz
MVM @MagnusMVM
Mark Pernice @MarkPernice
Mark Weaver @markweaver
Matt Dorfman @mattdorfman
Peter Mendelsund @mendelsund
Michael Bierut @michaelbierut
Michael Freimuth @MichaelFreimuth
MIchael Surtees @MichaelSurtees
Mike Perry @MikePerryStudio
Mikey Burton @mikeyburton
Craig Ward @MrCraigWard
Matt Willey @MrMattWilley
Matteo Bologna @mrmucca
Meaghan Tirondola @mtirondola
Jason Munn @munnjason
Web Neel @mywebneel
Nicholas Blechman @nblechman
Owen Gildersleeve @ogildersleeve
Patrick Janelle @PatrickJanelle
Ben Pieratt @pieratt
David Plunkert @plunkert
Print Magazine @printmag
Project Fathom @ProjectFathom
Paul Sahre @psahre
Peter Vidani @pter
Anna Bond @RiflePaperCo
Robin Verrecas @RobinVerrecas
Sagmeister & Walsh @sagmeisterwalsh
Santiago @Santiago_C_S
Mackey Saturday @Saturday
Sharon McMullen @sharonmcmullen
Josiah Jost @SiahDesign
Doug Bowman @stop
Studio Beige @Studio_beige
Alex Lin @StudioLin
SVA MFA Design @SVAMFADesign
Bobby Evans @Telegramme
The Daily Heller @thedailyheller
Bobby Solomon @thefoxisblack
The Heads of State @TheHeadsOfState
Graham Smith @TheLogoSmith
David Pearson @typeasimage
Typophile @Typophile
Under Consideration @ucllc
Victionary @Victionary_
Veerle Pieters @VPieters
Walter Green @Waltergreens
Paul Willoughby @Willoprojects
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