4 Essential Ways Contractors Can Profit from Signage

On a job site, contractors have a great opportunity to advertise themselves with lawn signs.  A well-placed sign tells neighbors and passersby who’s working on the property, what they do, and how to contact them.

If you’re a roofer, painter, or any other kind of contractor, here are 4 essential tips you need to know about signage.

promote signs contractor1.  Keep it Simple

Simple signs are the most effective.  A lot of words are hard to read when driving by.  Plus, the more words you add, the smaller they’ll be on the sign.  If they’re too small to easily read in a few seconds, then you’ve lost a potential customer!

Here’s an ideal sign:

12 X 18 Two Color Corrugated Yard Sign Displayed in Front Yard

Affordable 12 X 18 Corrugated Plastic Business Sign Available in multiple color options.


2.  Choose the Right Material

The right sign material depends on its use.

Poly-Coated signs are perfect if you’re going to leave the sign behind at a job site.  They typically last 3-6 months if your customers don’t toss them first.

Corrugated signs are lightweight and durable, especially useful for using over and over again. Since they’re somewhat translucent, you may get some “show-through.” In consistently bright areas, consider requesting reverse printing or fold-over signs.  Corrugated signs typically last 2 years.

Aluminum and Alumalite signs are the strongest, easily lasting 5 or more years.  Since they’re such high quality, they’re often used as permanent signage.

3.  Where to Display Your Signs for Max Exposure

For maximum exposure in your city, visit the website of your local Department of Motor Vehicles.  It should list the most popular roads in your city and their daily traffic.  Find the top 10 roads and advertise to homes and businesses on those roads.

When you get a customer on those roads, make sure to put up your sign outside their home or business.

If you’re working on a home, place the sign facing oncoming drivers, not facing the street.  If you have a one-sided sign, make sure your message faces the direction with the most oncoming traffic.

If you’re working at a business, ask the manager if you can place a small sign in their window while working.

4.  How to Convince People to Display Your Signs

Many contractors tell us they offer incentives to homeowners and businesses to put their sign in the front lawn or in the store window.

It could be a discount on the current project or a discount on future work.  Future discounts only make sense if your industry leads to repeat business, like landscaping or plumbing.

Another idea is to add a section in your contract saying that you may exercise the right to put a sign up while you’re working.  If the customer doesn’t like that part, then you can offer an incentive.

By keeping your sign simple, using the right material, and displaying your sign while working, contractors can turn every job into an advertising opportunity.

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