From Elf Help and Golf Towels to Political Lawn Signs and Business Solutions: The Evolution of Aquecs, Inc. dba Cross & Oberlie

Many years ago, after creating Elf Help (a unique water-based craft adhesive) the three principal stockholders of Aquecs, Inc were in search of a space in which to manufacture their specialty glue when they happened to answer an ad Cross & Oberlie had placed in search of tenants. While meeting to look at the available space for lease, the owners of C&O offered to sell their printing business to the Aquecs, Inc partners. After viewing the P&L and meeting with a local bank, the partners thought: “Why Not!”.

Gary Bezella, President and CEO, recalls that at the time of purchasing Cross & Oberlie the majority of its printing business was dedicated to one customer for whom they printed logos on golf towels, umbrellas, and divot tools while three other customers rounded out the remainder of the business through the production of paper signs and metal parts.

Soon after purchasing C&O, Bezella states, “With the sophistication of embroidery and the emergence of dark colored towels, the legs were cut right out from under the demand for towel screen printing.” Thus, began the evolution of Cross & Oberlie, which went from glue production and screen-printed towels to a nationwide industry leader in the production of political campaign lawn signage as well as in the production of marketing solutions for businesses of every size.

While Gary Bezella has experienced several different trends in the printing industry through the years- from the emergence of digital printing to an increasingly competitive global market- when asked what has been his proudest moment in business, the answer was easy: “My proudest moment was the day my son, Steve, decided to join me in the business.”

Cross & Oberlie is and will continue to be a family-owned and operating business that is proud of what they’ve accomplished and how they’ve evolved over the last 65 years. While Cross & Oberlie intends to continue to remain on the forefront of new technology and emerging trends, it is truly their company values and the way they treat their customers that sets them apart from the competition.

Cheers to Another 65!