How Can You Increase Name Recognition and Vote Count? We’ll Tell You.

We are deep into the midterm elections, so you’re probably seeing an increasing number of political signs around town. Political lawn signs have been a popular form of campaign advertising since John Quincy Adams convinced townspeople to put his signs in their yards, although their use has seen a big spike in popularity since 1984. Yard signs are often seen as an opportunity for constituents to cheerlead their chosen candidates, particularly with statewide and national campaigns, but to what degree do signs help new or little-known candidates? We’ve previously discussed how custom lawn signs can increase your vote count by an average of 2%, but let’s take a closer look at how. 

Political campaigning is marketing. Nearly half of voters report first learning of a candidate from a lawn sign, and any voter who leaves their house during campaign season will see the same names time and again around town. This is a subtle marketing and advertising tactic known as “effective frequency”. The assumption being that the number of times a consumer (or voter) is exposed to the name (or brand) in question, the higher the likelihood of voters recognizing your name at the polls. 

Effective messaging is key. Aside from your name, this is a great opportunity to show your support for an upcoming referendum, highlight key platform stances, or introduce a catchy slogan. Voters have an opportunity to get to know a little about you and where you stand, in the blink of an eye. The more lawns your signs appear in, the more your name sticks in voters’ minds on election day.  

Always be campaigning. Just as sales, your signs give you an opportunity to represent yourself through quality promotional materials that scream professionalism and expertise. You may consider seeking help from a professional graphic designer (or just talk to our sales staff about our free design services). Ensuring that your signs are well-designed, uncluttered, easy to read, and printed in contrasting colors for easy readability is the best way to show voters that you mean business. 

Name recognition as the deciding factor. Although not voting in a particular race is a choice, you run a good chance of voters just selecting the name they recognize. If your opponent doesn’t have a lot or any signs out, your signs may be the edge you need to win the race. 

Yard signs have been one of the most popular and affordable options for campaign advertising since the 1980s, and as professional sign printers with more than six decades in the business, we’re predicting that political lawn sign popularity will only continue to grow in the coming years. has been designing and printing political lawn signs for over 65 years, still offering the same customer-focused service as we did in the beginning. Let us help you get noticed! Call 1-888-414-1776 and talk to a real person today!