Own a Trade Business? You Need to Read These Tips.

There are countless listing sites online and it’s important that your verified or claimed business listing appears there. Consumers look to sites like these to ensure your trade industry business is legitimate and currently in business. Top listing sites include Google, Bing, and Yelp, but it’s worth the time to get your business on every listing site you can find (and most are free). Make sure to provide working, current contact information and a website or social media page where potential customers can look for reviews and updates.

An online presence is important, but so is being seen within your community. Generate brand recognition by putting branded material on your work vehicles like car magnets and placing inexpensive lawn signs in front of job sites. Working on a big job site? Get a bigger job site sign.

Tip 2: Get on Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are excellent places to showcase your work, zero in on your demographic with engaging posts, communicate via direct messaging, and run inexpensive advertising campaigns. Not sure how to navigate or find time to market on social media? Consider hiring a social media manager who help design and focus your advertising campaigns, develop a strategy and engage your target demographic. You can also make a goal of posting photos of your recent work, current deals or specials and pictures your business signs out ‘in the wild’.

Tip 3 | Follow up with Past Customers

Consider utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) system or website like Hubspot to manage customer contact info, notes and set reminders to follow up. Follow up with recent customers to ensure satisfaction then follow up a year or two down the road to soft-sell more services. Don’t forget to ask customers to leave a review on your Facebook page or Google profile.

Tip 4: Build Hype around Your Brand

Ask customers to display your branded business signs in their yard and offer branded promotional decals or bumper stickers. Consider featuring your employees on social media and announce any big happenings, celebrations or anniversaries at your company.

If you have the time, consider joining local Facebook groups where community members frequently ask for recommendations and advice. Participating in conversations with potential consumers will increase their trust for you and your work and generate more brand recognition.

Tip 5: Partner up

Reach out to other businesses to expand your services. Offer discounts or develop finder’s fees with complimentary non-competitor businesses. Consider featuring each other on your websites, social channels and advertising materials. Consumers appreciate one-stop shopping and expert referrals to save time, money and peace of mind.

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