3 Tips for Designing Eye-Catching Custom Yard Signs

The main purpose of a custom yard sign is obvious, to catch people’s attention.  If the yard signage is hard to read, it is virtually useless. Having eye-catching signage is especially important for political campaigns and businesses where custom signage is still the most cost-effective form of marketing.  So check out these 3 tips for designing eye-catching custom yard signage.

  1. Use of Color – Color is so important!  For example, black and white signage can go easily be missed rendering the signage useless.  Another color mistake made can be using too many colors.  We recommend using 2-3 colors and to save the most eye-catching color for the call to action like the phone number or the email.
  2. Keep your brand consistent – Consistency with all your branding is so important!  Stay consistent with the use of colors and fonts used throughout all of your marketing efforts.
  3. Verbiage – Keep it short! Remember that your audience might be driving by in their cars or riding by on a bike so they probably won’t slow down to read your yard signage if they don’t know what the sign is for in just 3-4 seconds.  For example, if your signage is for your real estate business and you are trying to show that you are having an open house, have the largest font just say OPEN HOUSE!

How can Promote Signs help your business with your custom yard signage?

Custom yard signs are quite customizable and can be printed in either a two-color palette or a full-color palette. Promote Signs have an expert sales staff that can help you with determining the best layout and the right colors for your yard signs, and we accept designs that you submit. Whenever you are ready to create some campaign signs, call us at (888) 864-4114 or request a quote form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!

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