The Types of Yard Signs You Should Know When to Use

All businesses can most definitely benefit from yard signs, but only businesses that want to increase their reach by opting for custom yard signs. Though considered one of the most traditional ways to advertise, yard signs are still quite effective. Most of the time, a sign is only as effective as the material it’s made […]

Why Coroplast Signs are Right For You!

Spring is getting closer and closer every day and soon the snow will melt, and the ground will return to its soft grass covered ways. We couldn’t be more thrilled for this upcoming season, and we want your business to benefit too. One of the most beneficial signs for the upcoming season is a coroplast […]

Business Signs Business Owners Need for Advertisement

At Promote Signs, we know how to promote your business! We have been operating as a screen-printing business since 1954. We know how best to make signs. We specialized in screen printing and use only thick ink films to get the highest color impact of all the printing processes. Digital printing is right up our […]

Installing Outdoor Signs in the Winter

Winter months can be challenging for many businesses. It gets so cold a lot of people only go outside when they have to, so marketing can take a real hit. If you need to boast your marketing and install outdoor signs in the winter, here are a few tips. Frozen weather – Winter weather can […]

Why Yard Signs are Perfect for Local Advertising

Local advertising as a small business is one of the hardest, and most important things you can do. Your local customers are what is going to drive your business to success. Advertising when you first are starting out can be a lot of hours of work. You might even physically have to go out and […]

Lawn Signage You Should Use for Your Political Campaign

Local elections are starting in November! Lawn signage is the hot ticket item for any political candidate. Lawn signs are cheap, excellent at getting your name out there, and very effective. Lawn signs are a must-have for any candidate who wants to have a successful campaign. There are many different ways to go about campaign […]

How to Make Effective Political Yard Signs

With midterms in full swing, everyone is wondering how to get a leg up on the competition. Marketing efforts are one of the most important parts of any political election. Watching Television right now, there is no shortage of political ads. There is a bunch of hair pulling and mudslinging, everything that makes up a […]

Are Political Lawn Signs Still Effective?

Politics seem to be the only thing we keep hearing about on the news. They are a huge part of everyday life and elections mean so much in this country. Not just for the presidency, but local and state elections make a huge difference. With elections meaning so much, it’s important that you try to […]