The Types of Yard Signs You Should Know When to Use

All businesses can most definitely benefit from yard signs, but only businesses that want to increase their reach by opting for custom yard signs. Though considered one of the most traditional ways to advertise, yard signs are still quite effective. Most of the time, a sign is only as effective as the material it’s made out of. Believe it or not, even different types of material that a sign is made from has their own specific uses. Here are the types of signs that we offer that you need to know about.

Corrugated Yard Signs

Corrugated signs are made out of plastic and are one of the most ordered signs. It is the most cost-effective due to its lightweight material, making it the easiest to work with also. We offer corrugated yard signs in many different signs. Click here to see all of the sizes available.

Poly-coated Yard Signs 

Poly-coated signs are coated cardboard made to fold over a metal stand. The only difference compared to corrugated signs is that it is made with flutes to slide on metal frames. This type of yard sign is also cost-effective and perfect for personal uses, promoting a political candidate, or even for construction. Click here to see all of the sizes available for poly-coated signs.

Aluminum Signs

The creme-de-la-creme of yard signs! Aluminum signs are often valued for their ability to be used again and again. Realtors often use them for multiple locations, businesses use them for “Now Hiring” signs, and warehouses use them for safety instructions. Aluminum signs have the least about of sizes to work with but we guarantee that they are durable and long-lasting! Click here to know more about the sizes you can work with. carries all three of these types of custom signs.  We custom design and print the signs that fit your business’s needs in Neenah, WI.  We offer pickup for businesses nearby or nationwide shipping to all U.S. states.  To speak with our sales department to get a quote, call 888-864-4114 or email

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