Not Just Signs | Tips for Building a Successful Campaign

Making constituents aware of your campaign can take a little more push than lawn signs posted around your district. Curious about how to expand your campaign’s reach? Let’s talk about some other ideas to help your candidacy get noticed (and voted for!).

Palm Cards are an excellent addition to any campaign. These affordable add-ons can be printed to match your campaign signs with the option for a second side to capture your platforms, contact information, a headshot and more. Printed full-color on 3.5×5” cardstock, palm cards are convenient to carry with you everywhere you go, include in direct mailing campaigns or tuck in doors while door to door campaigning.

Social Media can be a valuable outlet for the modern politician. Communicate upcoming events, share relevant articles and offer a platform for voters to directly interact with you. You may want to consider hiring a social media expert to manage your social media channels professionally.

Lapel Stickers are another cheap campaign add-on to consider. Available in 2” x 3” rectangular or 2 ½” round, they affix securely to clothing without wrecking fabric. Or stick them to water bottles, pocket-size tissue packs or hand sanitizer bottles and hand them out to potential voters at fundraising events and rallies.

A Good Website can elevate your campaign to the next level. Include information about your platforms, ongoing updates, upcoming events and contact information. A blog can help keep your website active, inviting voters to return time and again for new information. This is another opportunity to employ a professional web developer and marketer to help your website outshine your opponents.

Doorknob Hangers are the perfect choice for the politician with his feet on the ground. Don’t let an unanswered door get in the way of getting your information into the hands of voters. Doorknob hangers come with a pre-cut hole at the top, perfect for slipping over doorknobs. Printed on poly-coated paperboard with UV-resistant ink, they are designed to hang (and last) in the elements.

Banners are another inexpensive option to bring your campaign mobile. If you’re planning a lot of in-person events like meet and greets or fundraising events, a banner makes the perfect portable campaign sign. Banners can be made to match your campaign signs plus offer space to add additional information. This is a perfect place to display your website and social media addresses and tags.

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