What is the Difference Between Digital and Screen-Printed Signs?

Here at PromoteSigns.com, we offer both digital and screen-printed sign options for your campaign yard signs, depending on sign size, material and artwork.

What is screen printing? This process uses a fine mesh screen with a positive of your art imprinted on it. The screens are placed over the sign material, (typically either plastic corrugate or plastic coated cardboard), and a durable ink is pressed across the screen, pushing ink through the mesh wherever the imprint doesn’t block it. This process is commonly used to produce one or two color signs, although more colors can be added. Additional colors tend to elevate the cost to a point, for most, where it makes more sense to move to full color digital printing.

So, what is digital printing? Digital printing utilizes large printers that work much like your printer at home. Here at PromoteSigns.com, we can digitally print all signs 12”x18” on up to 4×8 (48”x96”). The ink is laid down in dots, in any multitude of colors, allowing for endless design possibilities with a clear resolution. The ink is dried immediately with UV light to prevent imperfections and speed up production time.

How do I know what to choose? Screen printing is the more common choice, partly due to cost effectiveness. Informational yard signs are traditionally one or two colors on white and meant to be an inexpensive marketing tool, particularly in home improvement and construction industries. Our larger ‘construction site’ signs are perfect for job sites, offering an inexpensive method of displaying your company information and construction plans prominently. These large road signs (in the range of 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’) can accommodate detailed, full color information and graphics, which is easily achieved with digital printing.

Of course, if you’re stuck trying to decide what’s best for your needs, digital and screen-printed signs, we can help! We’ve been helping folks just like you design custom, effective, quality signs since 1954, and while our sign printing methods have changed with the times, we’ve always been family-owned and customer-oriented. Give us a call today at 888.414.1776.