Get More Votes and Win Elections with Campaign Yard Signs

Get More Votes with Campaign Yard SignsGet More Votes with Campaign Yard Signs! Campaign yard signs have become ubiquitous with election season in recent decades. According to one study, the use of campaign lawn signs quadrupled between 1984 and 2012. And while the same study showed that campaign signs offer a competitive edge resulting in about 2% more votes, candidates continue to utilize them for valid reasons. Let’s explore all the ways lawn signs can boost your campaign results.

Two percent can translate to big wins! You may see articles discouraging the use of lawn signs in an election, but when we breakdown the numbers a little further, there are clear benefits for many candidates. For example, if you are embroiled in a close race, two percent of votes can mean winning or losing. Consider a voting population of 6,000 voters – swinging two percent of those voters in your favor means another 120 votes in your pocket.

Name recognition is important. If you’re running a small-scale campaign like school board or alderman, your voters may not know who is running for these positions. This alone could mean a skipped vote entirely, or worse, a voter who guesses. Political campaign signs put YOUR name out where voters can see it and, hopefully, follow up with some research about who you are.

Involvement is fun! Analysts have noted in recent decades that politics has taken on a similar feel to competitive sports, largely due to deepening bipartisanship in the US. Many voters love to proudly display their chosen candidates. You may have droves of cheerleaders just waiting to put your name in their yard- take advantage of this! To offset costs, you can consider making your signs an incentive for volunteers and donors – It’s not inappropriate to offer your signs for free but suggest a donation amount towards your campaign in exchange. Just be sure to check your local election laws for specifics on donations and campaign merchandise. has been designing and printing political lawn signs for over 65 years, still offering the same customer-focused service as we did in the beginning. Get More Votes with Campaign Yard Signs! Let us help you get noticed! Call 1-888-414-1776 and talk to a real person!