Digital Signs versus Custom Yard Signs

Marketing is constantly changing especially as digital marketing has started to take over “traditional marketing”.  But what is a cheap way to communicate your business’s messages while your customers are in the car driving around a neighborhood or to a local store?  How do you communicate with your customers’ neighbors?  The answer is simple, custom YARD SIGNS!

Here are the cons of using a Digital Sign:

  • You can’t move them around the building.
  • Most businesses have only one digital sign so they can’t be placed in multiple locations.
  • Only one message can be communicated in timed increments.
  • If you’re a landscaper, realtor, or contractor, they can’t be placed in your customers’ yards.
  • They cost money to run (electricity).
  • They are expensive.

Here is why you should use Custom Yard Signs to promote your business:

  • Yard signs are like large business cards that can be placed in your customer’s yards.  If your business does a great job, we guarantee you that your customers would love to help promote your business with a sign in their yard!
  • Yard signs can be used to help support local sports teams!  We have seen small businesses get creative by donating signs to local schools to help them promote their sports teams.  They can get their business seen with small business logos at the bottom while helping parents and students share their school spirit!
  • Custom yard signs can be moved around a business or placed in multiple areas around the building.  Some businesses will put 10-20 yard signs communicating the same message around their building which is sure to get seen by future customers!
  • Yard signs can be reused. specializes in designing, printing, and shipping the following custom products nationwide:

  • Corrugated signs
  • Poly-coated signs
  • Aluminum signs
  • Decals & Stickers
  • Promotional products

If you have any questions on custom yard signs for your business, call 888-864-4114 or email