Why Do We Recommend Grommets in Your Large Signs?

Photo of a white sign with grommets, sign says grommets 101

We always offer grommet placement on our larger corrugated signs during the ordering process, and often we’re asked to explain what they are or what their function is. As an add-on option, these inexpensive signage accessories can be attached to any size sign for display inside or out. But what are they? Read on to learn more. 

Grommets are small metal rings that reinforce an opening on your sign, helping to prevent rope or zip ties from ripping through the corrugated sign material. Frequently compared to eyelets, grommets add structural integrity and longevity to your sign, especially when they’re displayed outside in the elements. They differ from eyelets, however, as they are made from two pieces while eyelets are made from a single piece of metal that is punched through the material and pressed to pinch metal tines back against the eyelet itself. Being two pieces of material, grommets offer significantly more resistance to breakage than the single-piece eyelet, protecting the integrity of your rigid sign or banner. Although we deal exclusively in brass metal grommets, they come in rubber, plastic, and a variety of metals as well. 

When you opt for grommets in your sign, we professionally apply a standard 2-3 grommets per side, although you may opt for more for additional stability with long-term use or where your sign may be impacted by inclement weather. But how do we professionally apply these sign accessories? Grommets are placed utilizing an industrial grommet punch, which “punches” a hole while placing the top grommet piece against the bottom piece and presses them together. You can certainly place your own grommets, and grommet kits are available for sale at most craft stores and online, but our process offers a more economical and convenient solution for you.

The center of the grommets are placed about one inch in from the edge of the sign. Typically, the grommet falls within the white non-printed area of the signs.

So if grommets are so great, why do we charge extra for them? We approach sign accessories like an a la carte menu. We actually charge less for our signs, allowing our customers to choose whether they want add-ons like grommets, stapling, or sign stakes. You only pay for what you need and not everyone needs grommets. (Although we highly recommend them to extend the life of your sign investment). 

Questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our awesome and knowledgeable sales representatives to learn everything you need to know about lawn signs, banners, and more!