Political Lawn Signs: Campaign Tips

Politics is stressful for most people which makes running a political campaign for the first time a 24/7 rollercoaster of stress!  The Politcal Lawn Signs team is here to help with 3 simple tips to help you navigate your way through the social events, planning, fundraising, and other political campaign stressors.

  1. Become familiar with campaign law: Campaign laws can be either federal, state or specific to a certain municipality.  Make sure both you AND your team understand these laws to avoid setting back your campaign efforts.  Campaign laws can involve:
    1. Campaign spending
    2. Canvassing regulations
    3. Certain verbiage in campaign literature and political signage (pay attention to required disclaimers)
  2. Manage your social media:  Social media is a great way for your potential voters to get constant campaign updates from you.  Facebook has increased its restrictions on political advertisements after issues with the 2016 and 2020 campaigns but you can still post content pertaining to your community involvement and your plans for your community.
  3. Don’t forget to continue to engage with your voters: We recommend in-person events because it lets you physically interact with your potential voters and gain connections with other influencers in your community that might support your campaign.  This also gives you a chance to hear what your voters’ needs are so you can get a better understanding of what the community issues are.
  4. NEVER STOP campaigning!: Even when you are in the lead and every home in your neighborhood has one of your political lawn signs outside their home, your job isn’t done yet! Continue to invest in larger corrugated highway signs, send out email blasts, post on social media accounts, and continue to fundraise because the race is not over until all the votes are counted!

Political Lawn Signs and PromoteSigns.com can help you with your custom political sign needs.  We produce custom yard signs, lapel stickers, car window decals, bumper stickers, and car magnets.